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Shipping & Returns

Shipping, Handling and Returns

I strive to maintain a less than one week turn around on all our small volume orders plus the time it takes to ship to you. I usually do a couple of batches of tags per week so your tags will usually be in the post 2 to 4 days after payment is received. You will receive a status message when your order is queued and again when it is shipped (unless they happen on the same day in which case you may only receive the second one).

I pack your order safely in a padded envelope with a clearly printed address label, from the details you supply.  The occasional order that has not arrived at destination (about one per year) has usually been due to incorrect addresses or no postal deliveries to your street address.  I use the SA postal service, I ship regular post (2-6 days transit) as standard, or via registered mail if you request, it is slower (5-10 days transit) but none have been lost to date. While the transit times quoted above are a conservative understanding of the post office quoted figures there has been a couple of times it has taken 20 days to reach destination.

Please inspect your goods on receipt and send an email if your order is incomplete or incorrect in any way. I will sort out any problems. If you need to return any goods please communicate first.

If you want to send any order as a gift you can edit the shipping address at the checkout time of your order. You cannot split your gift order to two addresses, you will have to make two separate orders.

Pick-up points are planned for the convenience of customers but we have not located a suitable one yet, if you have any suggestions for locations or want to comment on any other shipping matter please contact us. If you want to resell the tags we do offer good discounts to regular clients.  If you have a real shop front and want to offer personalised tags as a service to your regular customers, all you need to do is take orders and enter them on the site and hold the tags for collection by your customers when they are ready.

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