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Midnight Dog Tag - Personalised


This is a ready to wear DogTag All in black.  These tags are well suited for use by paint-ball enthusiasts who want to take on night games and not have their DogTag give away their position.  Included is a black painted DogTag, a black silicone rubber tag silencer and a long black lacquered ball-chain. Your details manually debossed on the tag with a genuine Graphotype machine as still used by many US military bases. Text reads with the hole on the left and rolled edge at the back. The text is deeply indented and crisply defined on BOTH sides of the tag. You have space for 5 lines of text, 15 characters or spaces for the first and last line and 16 characters for the middle three lines.  Please note that the black finish on the tags and chains is a type of paint and it will wear away with time.  Our current stock of black painted tags are made from stainless steel, the marking process does rub away some of the paint.  You have a choice of two black chains at the moment either a 24" brass chain or a 30" mild steel chain.  The brass chain will not rust but the mild steel chain eventually will if not kept dry.  We are not going to re-order the mild steel chains in future but do not have a source for longer non-rusting black chains at this time.

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